A New Job and Live in a New State

I was pretty happy about getting a new promotion at the job that I have worked so hard at for the last 20 years. There really were not many chances to move up the ladder in my current job location because we do not have much employee turn around. So, my only choice was to be transferred to Alabama. Living in a small town would be a big change for my wife and me. Our secretary said that it may be necessary for me to get Hughesnet Internet for Alabama locals who live in very small towns. I asked what was so special about that company, and she explained that the offer high speed service to people who live in areas where broadband service is typically not offered.

After learning that most companies do not offer high speed service in the area where we would be moving to, my wife fretted about what life there would be like. She was worried about whether we would even be able to get cable TV out there, too. I joked that she may need to take up knitting or find some other type of hobby to keep her busy in our new town. She did not find that very funny at all.

After making a few phone calls, we both learned that fast Internet would be no problem, and TV service would be just as easy to obtain, too. In fact, after talking to the company that my secretary originally alerted me to, I quickly found out that the online service we would be getting in our new state would be faster and even cheaper than the service I have now. This pleased my wife to no end. She loves to get online to talk to her friends and play games with them, and she will be able to do that in our new house, too.

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