An Aparment That Makes Us All Happy

I wanted to find a three bedroom apartment quickly. I didn’t think I would have too much trouble since I had seen different complexes offering four and five bedroom units as well. What I did not want to find though was a three bedroom unit in an area that was not really too great of an area. That is why I was really careful with my search on Towson MD apartments for rent. I wanted to make sure that whatever apartment I ended up getting was nice as well as safe.

When I saw the apartments at Rodgers Forge, I was impressed in every way possible. The apartment is located in a really great area, and the school district is top notch as well. That is really important too since my two children will be entering the high school in a couple of years, and I wanted to make sure that the school they end up at is going to be able to help them both get into great colleges. After seeing that the education system here is great, I then looked at the area as far as crime stats. I was not able to find anything out of the ordinary, which was perfect.

The three bedroom apartment that I found is really nice. There are two bathrooms, so I will have one in my bedroom and the girls will share the other one along with any guests that come. The other rooms are all big, which is really nice because we have never lived in an apartment that is spacious like this one. There really is not anything about this apartment that I do not like, and my girls feel the same way. Moving in was very easy, and I have a feeling we are all going to be very happy here.

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