An Idea Born from Downtime

I learned how to knit last summer while I was sitting at home with a broken leg, and now I can’t stop. I’ve made everything, from hats, to shirts. I’ve made so much stuff that I don’t have any room in my closet to store it. My parents suggest that I sell my knit clothes to other people, so I came up with a business plan. I wanted to have a special app that would let people buy my knit clothes. App development wasn’t something that I was skilled at, but there was a company that I could use to get the app made.

The company created a simple sales app that would let people order from the available inventory of knit clothes and see their delivery status. The clothes that I had already made gave me an advantage, because it meant that I already had items that could be placed on the app storefront on the first day of business, which also gave me more time to keep making new items that would make their way to the storefront. I nearly cleared out half of my inventory on the first day the app was rolled out.

I would hire more people to help me knit clothes, but they don’t knit in quite the same way that I do, and I don’t think they can match my quality expectations. Besides, it would be pretty odd to pass someone elses creations off as my own. I expect that during the summer months, the orders will slow down a little, as people usually don’t wear as much knit clothes when the weather is hot. This will give me enough time to make more items for a surplus, so that when the winter comes back, I won’t have to worry about my inventory going out as quickly.

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