Apartment Living for a More Relaxed Life

When asked by friends how I liked apartment living after moving from a huge house on several acres of land, I enthusiastically tell them how much I adore living at the Forum at Grand Prairie as it offers me not only a beautiful, well-appointed apartment, but none of the hassle that comes along with home-ownership.

I had been living in a five bedroom home that I purchased strictly for resale value when I could sell it. I bought it when the market was low and invested in a bit of remodeling, but other than that, I was simply using it as a place to live until the real estate market regained some footing and I could turn around and sell the place to a family that would need and appreciate the space.

The cost of home-ownership is not cheap by any means. Between property taxes, my mortgage, utilities and the general expenses of upkeep for the lawn and outdoor spaces, it was taking more and more hours of work to maintain it all.

While I did make a great return on my investment, I also breathed a big sigh of relief once my house sold and was determined to find a place to live where I could do just that, live, without the trappings of worrying about furnaces and central air conditioning units needing to be replaced or having to buy a new lawn mower. And I can say that my friends are incorrect when they tell me I will have “nothing” to show for all of the rent I have paid in ten years. I will have money. Much more than if I were trying to pay for and maintain a house for the same period of time. Apartment living for me is comfortable, convenient and far less costly.

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