Business Conventions Goodie Bags Bring New Questions

We were starting our business off from the ground up and were invited to go a small business showcase at a local business convention. It was the first one that me and my partners had ever done, so we we looked into what was needed. Among the obvious things like business cards, business information, and things like that, there was a suggestion of a goodie bag. It shows good faith and lets the clients and other companies know that you are looking out for them. We had decided on this and wanted to use woven polypropylene bags.

These kinds of bags are what most people would consider “reusable tote bags.” They were the perfect shape and size for being able to use and reuse them time and time ago. In this day and age, we knew that showing eco ideas was going to be a move in the right direction. The bags we bought in a set of 200 and had our logo printed on the outside of them. Along with the bags being reusable, they are also really durable since it was made from woven polypropylene.

Polypropylene is considered one of the safest types of plastics. Some plastic materials will start to melt a high temperatures, however polypropylene does not. Since it doesn’t melt, not even a small bit, it is used in cooking, beverage, and food storage. The bags being woven just proved to us, as a company, that it was the strongest and safest choice. It is also BPA-free and in most cases is recyclable. I had used one of the bags as a tester grocery bag for a month before we went to the convention, and the bag held up like a dream the whole time I used it. Despite carrying everything from articles of clothing to multiple pounds of food. The bag never buckled or broke on me.

At the convention, the bags were a HUGE hit and a lot of CEOs of other companies looked to us with questions about the bags. After the event, me and my partners thought that maybe we were on the wrong business and should use our talents to get into the bag business!

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