Doing the Math on This Project

Jack and I went over to Brooklyn, a couple of miles away from the bridge and looked at this old tenement building. We were thinking about it and doing the math. The place needed to be gutted and we would have to find a company that could give us a fair price on roof installation in Brooklyn NY. We were sort of in between on it, because it looked as though it was going to be a very big job to get it ready. The truth is that we prefer it when we have a much simpler path to the end of the rainbow. It is nice when you find a project and you think, that unless something goes off course this should be pretty easy. At least it is easy if you know what you are doing. There are a couple of problems with this place that I am not liking too much. The rats were the big thing.

We could not see the rats, but we could see where they had been chewing on stuff. Of course they do not have people providing them with food and that is a big reason why you have rats. If you did not know it there is a war going on against those rodents in the Metro area and it seems as though the rats are at least not really losing. You would have to have a huge coordinated effort to make a dent upon their population. There are probably more of them than there are people and these are not the cute little lab rats you see in science programs on tv. These are big scary rats that carry with them all of the nasty stuff in the world, disease and pestilence and all sorts of things you do not want.

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