Enjoying Our New Lease on Life at Ashford Retreat in Marietta, Georgia

Finding a nice place to live starts with the geography. We were able to change our attitude by changing our latitude. Moving south to Georgia was the best decision we have made in a long time. We picked our place after searching for nice apartments for rent in Marietta GA. We have a lake view and a nice big living room. Our private patio also has a private storage room that is just for us. No more community storage like we had at our last apartment. We like the southern style of living a whole lot better too. It is more laid back and not as rushed as some of the craziness we used to experience. I guess you can take it a little more easy when you are not battling to get everything done to enjoy the couple of months of good weather you get up north. We like it that we can venture outside in the winter now without needing a parka, gloves, boots and a thick hat!

We found a few other transplants in our apartment complex that used to live up in the north. One funny thing about us is that we will go pretty much anywhere even in the worst weather down here. I have worked outside when the snow was deep, so it can be pouring buckets of rain here and I’m okay with that because it is warm. I have coworkers that show up late because the weather was too much for them. I do hope I get used to southern living to that degree myself. I do like poking fun at them though. I’m the type that likes sitting out on our patio when the thunderstorms are in full swing. I like the wind in my face and the warm rain. Oh, it is so much better than having to work in a blizzard.

Anyway, I started this so I could talk about how much my wife and I like our apartment at Ashford Retreat. It is home to us, and it is very comfortable. We are allowed to have our two dogs with us, we have washer and dryer hookups, and all the appliances are new and finished in black. This makes the kitchen look great with the dark cabinets and the granite that is a mix of beiges, blacks and gold flecks. The hardwood floors really make the place shine. I never expected to find an apartment with hardwood floors.

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