He Needed Proof of His Income

I had always paid my assistant by just writing out a check to him every Friday. He was responsible for his own taxes, and I did provide the proper tax documentation to him at the end of the year. Neither one of us had a problem with not having a pay stub, but that changed when he tried to rent a new apartment. He needed a pay stub as proof of income, and he simply did not have this because I never gave him one. I did a search for a paycheck stub online because I knew they were going to want something a lot more official than I could come up with on my own though.

I have turned to the Internet for a lot of things before, and not once did I walk away empty handed, no matter what I was searching for. I had a feeling I would be able to find someone or a company that would be able to help me create a professional looking stub without it costing me a lot of money. When I landed on a website that does just that, I was really happy with both the cost and the ease of the entire process in creating a pay stub online.

Before I did it though, I wanted to check with my assistant to make sure that this was something that he would be able to definitely use. I was able to show him an example of what he would get, and he told me it was perfect. He had it in his hands within a few minutes, so that just goes to show you how fast and easy it was for me to make this. In fact, I may just do this on a regular basis just so we can both have better records.

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