How Hard is It to Do Without Cable?

I have been thinking about different things that I could do to cut my monthly expenses. It always seems to come back to the question of paying for TV, of course you can save money by switching to one of the satellite services. However I am thinking that perhaps I could just do without the paid TV services. I have been sitting here wondering how hard is it to do without cable? Obviously I want to keep the Internet, because I need it and I have the more expensive Netflix USA account, or at least I have access to it. My best friend has an account and he lets me share it with him, which is allowed in the terms of the type of account that he has. It is not that difficult to think about what you are going to miss and what you are going to be able to find through other methods. For example nearly all of the network shows are available through the web pages of the network. You go to CBS dot com or NBC dot com and they will have the show available. Of course they probably make you wait until a day or so after it has aired live, which is going to hurt you if the people at your water cooler like to talk about TV shows. They might not realize that you do not want to hear spoilers about a show that you have not yet watched. There are going to be plenty of less than legal ways to obtain programming, the things you would want are movies and pay channel shows, like HBO’s big shows. The thing you really miss out on is going to be live sports and that is a really big deal to me, but you can get a lot of those over the air.

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