How Hard is It to Use Satellite in an RV

I saw this show on one of those reality tv show channels the other day and it got me to thinking about this. This was one of those shows where they show a bunch of outrageously expensive stuff every show and on this one it was all about RV’s. Not the type an ordinary person would get, but more like something Willie Nelson would have while he was touring the world. Of course these things had all sorts of great features I would never pay for, but they also had satellite tv. Only difference was you did not have to stop and point the dish at the right place in the sky if you wanted to watch a game. They had a system that apparently worked just fine while you were rolling down the highway. Of course I am guessing that the air force has stuff that would put that to shame a generation ago, so it should not be all that tough to do in all likelihood.

In fact we are planning upon buying a small RV this summer. The idea is not to get one of those bus sized ones, because there are only the two of us and it is not all that necessary or that efficient. I saw a used Windstream RV that is about perfect for what I had in mind. It is about the size of a UPS truck, which means that you do not need a Class A CDL to operate it and it will be relatively easy and fuel efficient to drive around. Of course if you could sit in the back and watch tv while you were going down the highway it would be really nice. Of course what would you be willing to pay for that, that is the big question.

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