How I Fixed My Back

Last year, I had an accident which changed my life. It is also the reason I had to find a Mesa chiropractor. They helped give me so much relief.

I was heading out to work and running a bit behind. I am usually such a careful driver but the stress of being late got to me. I threw my bag and coffee into the car and took off. I cut on the radio to listen to my favorite news station. As I turned the knob, I tipped my coffee and reached to get it. I didn’t realize the light had changed. This resulted in me being hit in the side by another car.

I spent a day in the hospital to make sure I had no major damage. After I returned home, I took it easy hoping the back pain would disappear. It didn’t. I couldn’t move much without a twinge of pain.

The doctors just wanted to prescribe pills. However, I don’t like the feeling I get after taking pain pills. I had to look for other alternatives. I called a Mesa chiropractor to see if they could help me. I set up an appointment for the following week.

The office was very cozy and calm when I got there. I filled out a few forms and talked to the receptionist. She was very friendly and answered all of my questions.

The nurse called me a few minutes later and I went back to see the doctor. The appointment lasted about 45 minutes. I was nervous that he would cause more harm than good. However, after leaving my back pain is gone. I can walk and move again with no pain at all. I will be returning to him in a few weeks just to make sure that everything is aligned correctly.

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