How I Put an End to My Migraines

I suffer from chronic migraines. Sometimes they can leave me useless for a day or two. I can’t deal with the lights or loud noises. After exhausting other options, I started looking for a chiropractor in San Jose.

Having kids, laying in bed for days at a time because of migraines is not feasible. My boss was very understanding when I would call out sometimes but I know it irritated him when it became frequent. I tried injections to prevent the pains but it only lasted a few days. I took pills to help but those made me sleepy so I was still not accomplishing anything.

Finally someone mentioned that chiropractic treatment may be able to help ease the pain. I decided that as a last ditch effort, it was worth a shot. I asked all my friends for recommendations on the best chiropractor. I needed someone I could trust.

I decided which office seemed like the best for me and gave them a call. The staff was very nice and explained the process. Migraines can be caused by something pressing on a trigger point. In order, to do away with the pressure, the neck and spine is readjusted. We set up an appointment time for the beginning of the following week.

I went in for my appointment and discussed the plan more in detail with the doctor. He did the treatment and I almost instantly felt better. It has now been two weeks and I have yet to have another migraine. I will return to him if the headaches return. It was well worth the couple of hours the visit took.

I am no longer missing time at work. I can also spend more time with my family. This makes everyone happy. No more wasted time because of the reoccuring migraines.

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