I Am out in Nevada Now

I am out in Nevada now and the likelihood is that I shall be out for the foreseeable future, although it is true that the people I am working for seem like they are all out of some weird cartoon. The main character is this rich guy, he has one of those old Cadillac convertibles. I am not an expert on it, but I think it is a 1974 El Dorado convertible. It is an enormous thing and he must have a different stripper in it every time we see him. He wants us to make betting sites for him, although I am not sure that he understands that the Nevada Gaming Commission is going to be a huge obstacle to doing the stuff that he wants to do. Of course in theory it is a great idea, every place you go here they have slot machines and video poker. I have heard people say that they have them in the county jails of some of these places.

At any rate this guy is into everything, mostly these places where you can play poker and other card games. He owns a big strip club, which seems a lot more like his hobby than a business. Of course he is a middle aged guy with three divorces behind him and seemingly a whole lot of money in the bank. In fact he seems like one of those guys who is addicted to risk and you hear about him placing insanely large bets on random college or pro games in the middle of the week. If you want to know about gambling, then he is a good source of information. He once told me that he had gone bust a half dozen times and gotten richer and crazier after each of those events.

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