I Met an Interesting Girl

In fact I would have laughed if I had not known that this is not so uncommon around here. A friend of mine set me up on a date with this girl and when I asked her what she did, she told me that she was training for the Olympics. In most areas that would be uncommon, but here in Colorado Springs you meet people who want to go to the Olympics because we have the training center where you get ready to go. In fact I asked her if she was learning any Japanese, although I was not really sure if I was right. It turned out that the 2020 games were going to be in Tokyo, but I was not sure when I said it. She said hello and some other things in Japanese and I did not pretend to understand her. In fact I was sort of surprised to learn that she had a really good job at the same time that she was training.

In fact she was an expert on this important computer suite that businesses use to control their human resources and so she was flying all over the country. It was something that she said she would have to give up when the Olympics got closer, unless it turned out that she did not have a good opportunity to make the team. Like anything else you have to make rational calculations. If you want to really go for it, then you have to put all of the rest of your life on the shelf. However if the opportunity is not there, then you have to take a cold hard look at things and decide on what is best for you. At any rate we went to a concert and had a really great time. I am taking her out again when she gets back from Atlanta next week.

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