I Wanted to Show My Husband Appreciation with a Birthday Party

My husband told me last year that he has never had a birthday party. This time. I had always thought his parents had them for him when he was a little boy. So this year, I planned a surprise birthday party for him. On the day of the party, our stove broke. It was 5PM when it happened, and we had to find a place that offers appliance repair in Sacramento. Most businesses close at that time. We were lucky to find a place that would help.

Having a party for my husband meant a lot to me. He has done so many nice things for me during our relationship. A few years ago, I realized he does more nice things for me than I do for him. He has never complained about it, but realizing it made me realize that I need to step up for his sake. I knew that he would appreciate having a party in his honor, considering that no one else had put together a party for him during his lifetime. It was incredibly important to me for the party to go off without a hitch.

My son helped me call several businesses. He found a business that was closing within only five minutes of his call, but they said it would be right over anyway. I watched the clock nervously, and I even wondered if someone would really arrive to help. But just 10 minutes later, our doorbell rang. In walked a smiling man who said that he called his wife to tell her that he would be later for dinner because he wanted to help me out after hearing about the party I was having for my own husband. stop running within minutes of arriving and I rewarded the the repairman with some freshly baked cookies that I had made earlier for the party.

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