I’m Working to Put My Best Face Forward for the First Time

During my teen years, I tried to do the best I could by covering all the acne and scars on my face. It never really looked good, but I had no other choice. Now that I’m in my 20s, I no longer have pimples, but I do have a face covered in acne scars. I want to feel good about myself, so I sought out an excellent aesthetic doctor to find out what might be possible for my skin. I had spent a long time looking enviously at so many other women’s nice-looking facial skin, and I hoped that by going to a specialist, I might look as half as good as all the other women I know.

The first time that my face began breaking out, I was 13 years old. I first thought it was because I wasn’t doing enough to keep bacteria off of my face. I washed my face several times per day each day. When my face began breaking out even more, I washed more, which just caused more breakouts. My skin was red and very angry looking. My skin hurt. Every morning before school, I caked on foundation in an attempt to hide the redness. Because acne isn’t flat, there was no way to hide the bumps all over my face. The redness, wasn’t so bad, but my skin remained bumpy and horrifying looking to me.

I really think that my skin problems contributed to me having low self-esteem. In school, I felt that I couldn’t hold my head up high when the face the face that I should should hold high doesn’t look good. I grew my hair out long as a way to hide behind it. Now that I’m older, I don’t want to live like that anymore. Today, people have options when it comes to having better skin. So, after getting an assessment by the aesthetic doctor, I’ve already had two treatments. He uses a laser to resurface my skin, and I can already see that my face is beginning to look much more smooth.

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