Just Got to Work on the Lake House

My buddy Ike borrowed one of those little bull dozer things from his boss and the two of us went up to the lake this weekend. We left after work on friday and I took a john boat with a little outboard motor. It is not much of a boat, but you can lift it up and put in the back of the truck, then put all the camping gear in after it. We worked a little and fished a lot, then we drank a lot of beer. I need to find the energy providers for Texas who are willing to hook the power up for me. I think that I have to work on a short term move. It would be a good enough thing to have a small camper trailer in the short term. I just need a place to keep the beer cold and a place that will stay warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

I figure that the power company will want me to have a structure of some sort before they will turn the power on. Of course I am going to need power to build the house and I am going to have to spend a lot of time working on it. The idea is to do it in stages. First you would put the foundation in. Then you would put in the shell of the house. I would probably get some pros to help me with that part of it. I know some guys who are able to do it all and I am thinking that I can work out a bit of horse trading with some of them. Once you have a roof and a floor you can work on putting in the walls and the carpets and that stuff.

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