Luxury Life in Las Vegas

I was selected to move out to Las Vegas for my job to help set up an office there. At first I didn’t want to go, but the pay increase was too much to pass up. My view of Las Vegas was nothing but casinos, magicians, and strip shows, but they have normal communities like everyone else. When I was looking for a place to live in Las Vegas, I found a community website for a luxury apartment complex and became interested in living there. The apartments looked like an area where a movie star would live, almost like something right out of California.

While the apartments themselves were impressive, the thing that really blew me away were the swimming pools. I’m a sucker for a good swimming pool, and the one at the apartments was like something that you would typically find at a tropical resort on some island. Each day swimming there would be like taking a trip to the Bahamas. There was also a standard long pool for anyone who wants to get some laps done for exercise. While exercising is fine, sometimes I just want to play around in the water and splash my cares away.

Setting up the new office in Las Vegas was a lot more work than I expected, but I can’t complain. I never thought I would be given a position like this with such a generous salary attached to it. I also never thought I would be living in my luxury apartment, but sometimes life has a funny way of surprising us all. When I come home from work and I’m feeling low on energy, I just hop into the pool and float around for an hour or two. My muscles relax easily and the tension from a busy day slowly dissipates.

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