Manicures and Takeout Chicken for Stress Relief

I have brought home flowers, her favorite takeout and even picked out a romantic movie and gourmet popcorn to show my wife how appreciated she is. I do not need to constantly remind her, but I do not see how it hurts to do that. I appreciate it when my hard work is noticed by someone. I think everyone does. I think it should be the rule to recognize the efforts of others rather than being the exception. Today I brought her a gift-certificate for a Holland Village manicure. Yesterday I got her one from her favorite hair salon. She goes out of her way to put us and the kids first. She will forego getting her hair or nails done for the kids to have something they want. I try to educate them to the fact that their mother does this, but they are kids. Sometimes now they will even ask her if she is going to give up something so they can have something. Like she would ever tell them yes.

Plus, she puts up with my moodiness when I have a bad day at work. We do not compare which of our jobs is the most stressful, but I certainly do react more negatively to some things at my job that she can take in stride where she works. I get annoyed by one bad manager that has been there for 20 years. He is not going anywhere, so I have to just put up with him or leave. I like my job, but not his particular management style. I avoid him as much as possible. She can tell when I have to spend part of my shift with him. We have our favorite takeout on those nights. She knows me. I like General Tso’s chicken and she likes getting her nails done. So, it’s Chinese takeout for me and a Holland Village manicure for her when stressed.

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