Marrying Differently Than the Traditional Way with an Asian Wedding Entertainment

For couples of oriental origin or newlyweds who admire their traditions, the Asian wedding allows you to transform the occasion into a more special day. With discreet and elegant decoration, but full of details of the native Asian culture, the wedding allows a ceremony full of meanings, in order to bring all the luck to the new couple in an Asian wedding entertainment.

Moving away from traditional wedding ceremonies and surrounding the big day with traditions and good luck. Asian weddings are surrounded by traditions that differ greatly from those common around the world.

So here are some different and interesting points:

Wedding decoration:

The wedding decor is usually composed of light colors and discreet and elegant pieces, marked by traditionally oriental items. Wedding decor is essential, like tables and chairs. White tablecloths and clear acrylic chairs can create the ideal base for decorating Asian weddings.

White lanterns are commonly used to illuminate and decorate the wedding party environment, giving a charming touch and creating a warm and intimate lighting. Tsurus, which are origami, bring luck to the wedding day and are a thoughtful detail in the decoration of a wedding, which can be arranged on tables or hung from nylon threads.

Wedding clothes:

In the most traditional ceremonies, the bride and groom opt for kimonos made of silk, which are the costumes of Japanese culture: black for men and white for women. For more traditional wedding guests, younger women and friends of the bride often wear brightly colored kimonos, while older guests wear dark colored kimonos. Wearing kimonos implies wearing slippers and white socks.

The bride completes her traditional wedding look, usually with wigs and an elaborate headpiece, adorned with flowers, pearls and gold pendants, bringing good luck to the couple. The wedding bride is still painted white from head to toe, representing a bond with the gods. During the wedding, the bride changes her attire five times, but this will depend on the bride’s taste.

So there are differences, and several possibilities for it to be a wonderful, beautiful and especially special day for the family and the bride and groom.

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