Moving South to a Place We Really Enjoyed Visiting Years Ago

I was born and raised up north and have only been a visitor down south in the summer. However, my wife and I took a ride down to Georgia one time in the early part of winter. It was so nice and warm compared to what we left. We talked about how we were out with tee shirts when people back home were wearing parkas. Then, a few years later, we saw an online ad asking us to click here to see apartments at Crossings at McDonough. We remembered being in McDonough, Georgia on that vacation trip we took. We just took a few days off of work and went for a ride south. No plans other than to just stop where the sun was shining and it was warm. That was in Georgia. Not being tied any longer to anything up north we decided to go ahead and look at some apartments.

The timing was right in that our lease was up, and we wanted to move anyway. However, we were originally looking for another place local to us, but when we saw the invite to “click here” and saw it was apartments in McDonough, Georgia, we figured it was an opportunity. The apartments we looked at online in Georgia were really nice. The reviews mentioned it being a quiet community, and the apartment we had our eye on had a fireplace. That was something we really wanted and did not even think we could get in an apartment.

The place has a Bark Park, so we knew our dog would be welcome, and they have a walking trail too. That is the stuff I am interested in. My wife likes the granite in the kitchen, the high ceilings and the big closets. I like the private balcony. We went ahead and drove down again and leased the apartment as soon as we saw it. We have enjoyed every moment of our move south. We should have done it years ago.

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