My Girlfriend Has a Rich Family

This came as a big surprise to me. I met this girl at college, and we worked together on a computer science project that involved a bitcoin trading app. At the time I was really interested in learning about blockchain as a security technology. Of course my idea was to learn something that would allow me to make a good living in the future and I had no clue that Lisa had been interested in making money from bitcoins right now. Apparently she has a trust fund from her grandparents, all of them. At any rate I knew her for a couple of months before I really dated her and at first I did not seem to be getting anywhere with her. I kept trying and she seemed to really warm up to me. All along I had no clue that she had real money. I could tell that she had more money than me, she had a credit card and she did not hide the fact like most girls do when you take them out.

This went on for some time. We would go out and like most college kids, we never did anything like you see rappers do in videos or like the rich kids do on reality TV shows. It was just going out for pizza and a pitcher of beer, going to the games, hanging out with our friends and the like. Then she took me to meet her family. There was a big gate out front and I did not see the house at first. You had to go through a little wooded area. The house was not a house at all, it was a complex with a really big house, a guesthouse and a lot of other stuff too. I had no clue what to think of it all.

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