My Husband Was Falsely Arrested

If you would have asked me a few months ago if I knew of a good Sacramento criminal attorney, I would have laughed because there was no need for me to know of one. It is amazing how life can change so quickly without no warning at all though. My husband was at work when a man came in looking for his ex-wife. My husband told her to go to a back office when he became irate, which she did. Her ex was not happy about this and threatened my husband. He was just protecting himself when he punched him to get him away, and her ex went to the ground.

He was knocked out cold, and an ambulance had to be called. His ex was so afraid of him that she would not back up my husband’s story to the police, and he ended up being the one who was arrested. When he called me from the police station, I could not have been more surprised. I immediately went down and we were able to get him out. We both knew that this was serious because there were no other witnesses, which is why we decided to find the best criminal attorney we could.

The facts speak for themselves because the man has a long police record while my husband has none. In fact, he is an upstanding member of the community. My husband’s coworker has also been hospitalized several times because of her ex, so we didn’t think it would take much for the charges to be dropped altogether. We were able to find an attorney quickly, and he was able to have the charges dropped faster than we thought possible. My husband’s reputation has remained intact throughout all of this, and his character has as well. Rather than be upset with his coworker, he is still trying to help her find the freedom that she so desperately wants.

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