My New Girlfriend is a Bit Strange

Of course I do not mean that in a bad way, at least not so far. It has been pretty much a matter of sexual exploration. In fact I sort of wonder if she is more interested in girls than she is in men. It started the other day when she showed me this web page that called itself a threesome finder. Of course she correctly guessed that of the two options for something of this sort, only one of them held any interest to me. I am not overly jealous of other men, but I have absolutely no urge to get in bed with one. That just is not something I have any desire to do or even to think about. It is not something that I have ever even considered for a single moment. I certainly would not do it. I would guess that it would be a lot simpler to arrange, as men are going to be more likely to go along with this sort of thing it seems to me.

Now the other option is perfectly fine with me and it seems very much that this is what my girlfriend is looking for as well. She is not really hiding the fact that she is interested in other women, she even watches lesbian videos on her computer. It is quite obvious that she is excited by this. I am not so sure that she is not a lesbian at heart, but of course I am not trying to push her to that conclusion. I am certainly willing to go along with her experimentation. It is not as though I have a choice in the matter really. I am more or less bound to do what she wants me to do it would seem. It is not like I really object either.

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