My Old Back Now Feels Better in My Fifties Than It Did More Than a Decade Ago

We see a veterinarian that has been helping our dog keep acting like her puppy self even though she has bad arthritis and disc damage in her back. The vet uses chiropractic techniques on our dog, and it really does work for her. When we do not go for a visit, she starts to hobble around again and has trouble getting up on the couch. I told our vet about my back pain, and she recommended a chiropractor in Campbell for me to go see. She told me that the treatments that were started for people have been adapted to use the same therapy principles on dogs, but that I needed a chiropractor that could work on human beings.

I was so impressed with the results that chiropractic medicine was giving our Daisy that I wanted to see if it could help me with my upper back pain. I went in for a visit after seeing what our health insurance actually covered. It turns out that I could see a chiropractor in our network for a very low copay. I was pleased from the first visit. I was able to go to work on second shift after my appointment with the chiropractor in Campbell without any of that ache bothering me in my right shoulder area. It usually starts acting up about midway through my work shift. I usually pop a couple of ibuprofen to take the edge off of it. This time, I did not take any at lunch. I did not even think about it because I was not in pain.

I continued with the chiropractor for the full treatment plan that was recommended to me. I was impressed with the initial results, and I was impressed with the long term results. My back is stronger and feels more better now in my 50s than it did in my early 40s.

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