My Son Was Not Understanding Physics

I can remember when my son was looking over the courses his high school was offering. When he saw physics, he quickly bypassed it. I asked him why he did that, and he said he had no use for it. That made me laugh, because I realized that he truly had no idea what physics is about. Once I told him, he quickly backtracked and selected the class. He does enjoy it a lot, but he was struggling with the teaching method. That is when I told him about the Bukit Timah tuition centre.

I was worried that he may struggle under that particular teacher because two of my friends have kids who were in the same boat the previous school year with that teacher. They both loved the subject but the teaching method was just too foreign to them. My friends enrolled their kids in the tuition centre, where they both thrived. As soon as I found out my own child was going to have the same teacher, I prepared myself in case the same thing happened, which it did. I did not want my son to settle for a lower grade just because he was not getting some of the points, when it really was not his fault.

That is why I enrolled him to be tutored, and that truly did make all the difference. He was learning the same material, so the difference was in the way it was being presented. One of the things that really helped with this was the group sessions that the tutor had. Rather than teach just one student at a time, they were taught in small groups so there is more interaction. As a result, my son learned some great study tips and a whole lot more about physics. I could not be more pleased with how well he is doing now at understanding what is being taught in his regular class.

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