Now My Wife Doesn’t Have to Clean

I want to start this off that I love my wife and we have been married for twenty years. All of those years she use to work and clean the house, so when we decided to move to Singapore for my job, that I would surprise her with someone to clean the house. I wanted the news experience of living far away a lot easier for her. Our lives were going to be full of getting a new home ready, so finding a home cleaner was important I went online and did a search for house cleaning for Singapore .We found such a lovely home to move in was a great motivation to keep it clean and I wanted my wife to be free to look for a job if she wanted and or join a club when we moved to Singapore.

Thanks to your website I was able to contact you right away. I wanted a representative from the company to come out to the house and give me an estimate for the job. I also wanted to have this done before my wife moved over to Singapore, because I wanted it to be a surprise. I was very happy with the quote and so I had them come over to clean before she got there. They did such an amazing job. I was really excited that my wife would be there the next day, to see the perfect looking house.Just like I thought when my wife arrived she fell in love with the house. One of the first things she said is it may be hard for her to keep it clean. That is when I gave her a copy of your bill to show her what I wanted to do for her. She was so happy she cried.

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