Reliable Dry Fillers for Production Line Packaging

If you have ever worked on a production line, you know that the packaging equipment can make or break your profit margin. If a packaging machine goes down, that is product not going out the door to the retail stores. Even machines that need extensive cleaning between shifts, or when product runs are changed, cause profit loss. Any time that the machines are not putting product into packages is lost money. That is why we were careful about what company we bought our dry fillers from.

Auger filling machines can be especially tricky. You want ones that are extremely reliable. Here at our packaging facility we fill a dry seed product into bags that is for human food grade snacks. We package different seeds, and we do not want to have to spend a lot of time cleaning machines between each product packaging run. The old machines took too long to clean to our high standards. The new dry fillers are easy to maintain and clean.

The next big thing we needed was precise weight filling of the packages. If you have a stated weight on a package, you had better be sure to have at least that much weight in the packages. When you are inspected, they check that stuff. If you sell a 16 ounce bag of seeds, you better not have 15.5 ounces in the package. It would be better to lean toward a little over than being underweight for inspection purposes and customer satisfaction.

However, if you have to always overfill by a higher amount because of the unreliability of your machines, that is tons of free product you are sending out the door every year. I don’t know about you, but I cannot afford that. That is why I picked the most reliable dry fillers in the business for our packaging line.

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