Saving Money Allowed Me to Purchase Rental Properties

Today’s house cleaning prices are really good. I used to pay my brother-in-law to do it for me at a property that I own, but he demanded a lot of money for his services. At some point, I realized that it is much easier and less inexpensive to hire a company that does it all for you. I also found out that the cleaning quality that I get from cleaning companies is a lot better than what my own relative offered! He was a bit lazy and cut corners whenever he could. I can’t have houses that look dirty because renters are put off by that.

I worked hard for many years in order to buy my first property. I scrimped and saved wherever I could get away with it. I feared that I would not be able to do it for many years, but within 5 years, I had the money saved to buy a place that I could rent out. I did this as a single mother with one child. I made sure that we always had food to eat, but I also made sure that I bought just what we needed at the lowest prices possible. I also spent a lot of time purchasing clothes and other things that we needed from thrift shops. I was able to buy toys, home goods and more this way. Often, the things I purchased only cost me about $1.00 or so!

My daughter has picked up on my thrifty habits. Now, she teaches all her friends. She is big into couponing, too. I never told her that it was a must to do these things in life, but she saw how much money I saved over time from having good sense when it comes to saving money. She said that she hopes to purchase properties one day herself. I believe she can do it because she is really dependable when it comes to staying focused and good at saving money, too.

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