Started My New Job This Week

I got this tip on the opening here from a friend of mine. He works with some accountants in Bristol and his company does the books for these people. Apparently they told him that they had a job opening and he immediately thought of me. It is a very good match for my skills as I did some very similar administrative work with the Royal Marine Corps while I was in the service and recuperating from a parachute jump that went badly. I went down there on my way to work one morning. In fact I just had to get out of bed about ten minutes early. It is literally that close to where I am living. I hopped on my bike and rode down there in roughly four minutes.

I was waiting when they came to unlock the doors and introduced myself to a fellow who turned out to the be the man who had founded the company. I did not know that. In fact he seemed as though he might be the custodian and was dressed rather like that. I thought he was just making idle conversation when he asked me if I knew anything about the business they were in, but I told him I had learned something about it in the Royal Marines. He got very excited and asked me what regiment I had served with. I casually told him that I had served with 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group. He asked me a question that you probably would not have known the answer to if you were not a member of the unit and I asked him when he had served. That was how I got the job. They had not even posted it and pretty much I could have said anything once he knew I had been a marine.

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