Started Thinking About the Renovation Project

We got the house some time ago, but as the thing was in need of this and that. It was hardly about to fall down, but it needs to have the kitchen redone badly and we are thinking about the bathroom. Peg found some really unusual shower doors in Union County NJ. I think they are called a European something and she really loves them. We have not got the money in the budget for that just yet though. I was thinking about something else to tell the truth. Of course you can spend as much money as you want on a bathroom. For example a guy like Bill Gates probably has stuff on his bathroom that is way beyond our budget. For all I know his bathroom might cost more than my entire house. We wanted to do the kitchen first, but we have not yet made a final decision.

Obviously we have a limited amount of money and there is a limit to how much of this I can do myself. I know a guy who can do the whole thing and it would look beautiful, but he is not going to cut me any deals on it. The only way I can get him to take less is to pay him cash. If I do that it is the same to me of course, but for him there is no need to tell the government about what he has been doing. Just take a look at your pay check next week and think about this. If a guy is self employed the government hits him twice with the same things they take out of your pay every week. So the tax bill is pretty much twice as much for a small business guy and it makes a lot of sense to go off the map.

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