Suddenly I’m a TikTok Star

If I’ve learned one thing after using TikTok for a month, it’s that the follower are everything. They decide what is in and what isn’t. They decide what is funny and what is boring. Without the right amount of followers, anyone will have a hard time getting recognized on the platform. I was sad to see that my initial uploads to TikTok got barely any attention at all, but after learning how to gain TikTok and get famous with more followers, things became better for me. People are now anticipating anything that I put on the platform.

The secret to becoming such a huge star on the platform is to build up a follower base by adding a few and having the new followers spiral from there. I learned about a website that actually helps people get more followers on TikTok when I was doing a web search one day. I was desperately looking for anything that would help me, and found the website. I wasn’t sure if it would actually work, but I was willing to give it a shot, because I was running out of ideas to try. The results from the website exceeded my expectations.

After buying just a few followers, things changed pretty quickly. Those few followers turned into 100 followers, and from there it grew over the course of the next day until I had 1,000 followers. I couldn’t believe how fast it was all happening. To celebrate the increase in my follower base, I uploaded some new videos, and lots of people were liking them and giving me comments. Even though I had gained so many followers, the few people who initially watched my videos were still there. That kind of loyalty is what all people on TikTok hope to achieve, as it means that the followers will stick with you in bad and good times.

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