Support for the Bad Pain

I wrote a thank you note to the Concord chiropractors because I was so pleased with their service. My grandfather had a bad fall when he went ice skating one day. He didn’t hit his head, which was great because he could have gotten a really bad concussion, but he did land on his back and had a bad injury from it. We had to take him to the chiropractor because after a couple of days, his pain was still there and getting worse. He didn’t want to go because he was afraid, but he didn’t really have much of a choice if he wanted that pain to pass.

I could see my grandfather shaking on the ride over to the chiropractor’s office. He’s usually not the kind of person to get scared so easily, but he really was scared this time. I guess it’s natural for people to become fearful of medical facilities, especially when there is a chance that they might need to have something invasive done. My grandmother held his hand and kept telling him that everything would be just fine, but his hand was still shaking while he held her hand. It was like he was a human vibrating motor.

The chiropractor examined and did an x-ray to get an image of how things looked inside my grandfather’s back. As it turned out, my grandfather would need to have something done to fix his back, but nothing quite as major as having full back surgery. There was a method where they could insert some items inside his back without having to cut him open, which was sigh of relief for him, but he was still a little scared. Although he was in fear, he had the procedure done and he was able to heal over time and walk like normally.

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