Talking to My Friend About a Job on the Bay

It is a big deal if this goes through, because I would have to relocate down to the Corpus Cristi bay area. This job is in jeopardy because of the problems in the oil market though and so it is not something that I have to think about right at the moment.I was checking out houses down there to see what it cost. The energy rates were something else I looked at, went to this site for that, Of course you have to worry about what the rates are in Texas because like the weather they might change every time you cross a county line. I guess a lot of people do not know about this, just like I did not know it when I lived in other states. Before I moved to Texas I lived in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. In all of those states you did not have a choice to make when you wanted your power cut on. You called up the power company and if you did not like the way they did business you were simply out of luck.

Down in Texas they have this law which allows them to have a power company in just about every county it seems. It is not always the same selection, there must be twenty or thirty in total. I could not name all of them if you gave me a week. I have had Ambit Energy and Reliant Energy in the last two places that I lived. The power company I had before that has changed names in the past couple of years and I can not keep track of what they call it now. I am going to have to figure out what the math is like on moving down to Corpus Cristi.

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