Texas Should Lead the Green Wave

Ironically, at the heart of the massive corrections in the global financial markets, record unemployment and a growing sense of uncertainty as to the future of humankind due to climate change, exists a stunning array of possibility, so awesome in scope as to dwarf all previous eras of economic activity. This great site can give you information about the energy companies here in the Lone Star state. Perhaps the Chinese symbol that suggest there is the seed of opportunity inherent in every crisis as a means of understanding our current situation. Timing however is everything, at what point do we arrive at a place of critical mass in terms of awareness and commitment to act?

One degree more of temperature rise? Another foot or two of swelling ocean levels? Of course these are big broad brush stroke issues. Closer to home, the price for a barrel of oil is back in the ascendant, and checking the weather increasingly looks like sci-fi or a bad horror film. What do we do? We get busy! Exploring, unpacking and digesting how to re- imagine the world. Regardless of how we earn our livings, where we find ourselves, or how we’ve lived up to this moment, everyone of us is on the cusp of bold new possibilities to change, heal, and renew. Imagine for a moment that you lived at the dawn of the industrial age.

Conventional wisdom dictated that when Henry Ford and other pioneering inventors of the motor car went calling on investors to back them, that they not be taken seriously, after all the horse and buggy had been permanent fixtures of life for centuries. Entire industries, specialist crafts and careers hinged on their survival. We all have to do our part to help the environment and Texas should lead the way.

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