The Battle for My Belly

Diet plans that bring food to the homes of consumers are all the rage now. Since everything is being brought to doorsteps through delivery, it only makes sense that meals would be too. I looked into having some meals brought to my home because I was tired of eating all of the unhealthy junk that was making me feel sluggish and gain weight. I’m also a heavy procrastinator and put off cooking as long as possible. I looked at some reviews for Medifast vs Nutrisystem diets to get an idea of which one would be the best for me.

One of the main driving factors that helped me make a decision of which diet plan to try was the cost. If the cost of the plan would be more than what I can get at the regular grocery store, then I wouldn’t even bother paying for it. Sure I would have to cook it all myself, but at least I’d still have the financial advantage. From the plans I examined, Nutrisystem seemed to offer the better monetary value for the meals. With that settled, I looked at the meal selections that were available from each of the competing services.

I understood that since these were going to be healthy meals, they might not be as good looking or tasting as some of the fattening foods that can be found in restaurants, but I was willing to give them a chance. While looking at the diet menus, I noticed that the foods looked like many of the same foods that I could find in restaurants. I thought this was a mistake at first, because pizzas, ice cream, and lasagna didn’t sound that healthy to me. The plan makers really thought of everything by making foods that were appealing while having proper nutrients and fat content. In the end, I went with Nutrisystem.

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