The First House Was Perfect for Us

I have wanted my own house for years, but I was never in the position to do anything about it until my husband was offered an incredible promotion in Denver. We had always been able to afford our own house, but we were never in one spot long enough to make it a practical choice. With this promotion, it finally meant that we could stop having such a nomadic lifestyle. I started looking at real estate options as soon as I found out, and I came across one ad that said to click here for luxury home listings.

I know it might sound snobby, but that is exactly what I wanted. I did not want to live in a house like the one I had grown up in, and I knew my husband felt the same way. I was pretty picky right from the start on my house search, which is why I went with the realtor who seemed to be at the top of realty game in Denver. I explained to him exactly what I wanted in a home, and he said he would have some houses that we could look at shortly.

I thought that it was going to take looking at quite a few houses for us to find the one, but it was actually the first one we looked at. It had the required four bedrooms and multiple baths, plus the spaces for a home office and library, since reading is very important to our entire family. My husband and I looked at it first, then we showed it to our three children, and it was an overwhelming yes when we took a vote on it. We didn’t even try to negotiate on the price, because it was a reasonable asking price. Plus, we just wanted to get the closing done quickly so we could move in!

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