The House is Nearly Finished

I have been working on this place for about three months, which has been a real burden to me since I am working a full time job and we need to get the old place ready to put on the market. The place is in a really good location for Roberta and it is good enough for me, but it is well off of the road and so I have been looking for a home security provider near you to make the place somewhat safer. Obviously if a thief is really good I suspect that he is going to be able to get past one of these things, although I would guess that a good thief would either find the easiest target or go after one which provided better stuff to steal than I have. My guess is that you just have to discourage the smart ones and they will go some place else. If they see the sign that says you have an alarm that is going to slow them down, although I suppose some people might just steal one of those signs from someone else’s yard to get the same effect without paying for the work.

At any rate I have been working on the gutters today and they are a real mess to put it mildly. I had to take some of them down and I had to rent some ladder jacks and some scaffolding so that I could work on them safely. That was a big deal, but it was really good to have it done with. I had to do some painting as well and now I am going to start working on the bathroom. It is not that big of a problem really, although it really looks like it is to people who have no experience.

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