The Majestic and Exotic Bird Albatross

Albatrosses are large seabirds belonging to the family Diomedeidae. They are widely found in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific. As per, albatross is striking because of its large size; in-fact it is one of the largest flying birds.

There are different types of albatross namely short-tailed albatross, waved albatross, laysan albatross, and black-footed albatross. They measure between 1 and 1.5 meters in length and with weight being more than 8 kilograms. It is very difficult to domesticate. It is because of its larger size and habitat. They generally set-up their habitat in cracks of rocks beside the sea or ocean. There have been few reports of pet albatross, but that can be done only when one is injured. Even then it is hard to maintain.

There are close to 24 species of albatross and they are divided into four genera:

  • Diomedea
  • Thalassarche
  • Phoebastrial
  • Phoebetria

For a bird, they live quite a long life. They tend to live close to 42 years of age. There are reports of albatross living till the age of 50 as well. The diet consists of cephalopods, fish, and crustaceans, occasionally resorting to scavenging meats of chics as well. The aforementioned website also mentioned that Albatrosses are able to fly for hundreds of miles without a single flutter, and this itself is a record. No other birds have ever been recorded to achieve this feat. Because of this technique they can cover miles upon miles without getting tired. Engineers are trying to emulate this feature onto modern aircraft.

Albatrosses are an endangered species. It is estimated that about 100,000 albatrosses die due to illegal fishing. Many natural organizations have been trying to curb the death of albatross due to human activities, but their efforts are not producing the fruitful result. Unless we act now, this magnificent bird soon may get extinct from this world.

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