The Way We Consume Media

Comcast Cable TV is one of the leading cable providers in the country thanks to the lack of competition in many of the areas that they service. I can’t find too many reasons to complain about them as they have always been pretty fair to me. I don’t have a lot of expectations out of them but I have been finding myself hoping that they will be able to improve the current model of pricing that they have just because technology is rapidly changing the way that we consume our media and in through what methods we are doing so.

Take into consideration what Netflix has done to revolutionize streaming media by showing the country that it is totally possible for us to consume much of our media online. Now take the Roku, Chromecast and other types of media platform devices that are free to use which allow for access to the various streaming networks that are currently out there. This kind of technology is clearly a threat to current cable providers but only if they allow themselves to continue forward with the model of business that they have right now. If they are willing to adapt, things just might change for them.

That’s the problem with modern companies. Blockbuster used to be the biggest name in the rental business who foolishly believed that Netflix would ever become successful; now look at them! It’s amusing to think that the president of HBO has said something similar, believing that streaming entertainment is only going to be a ‘fad’ which will pass – it’s like these people are completely out of touch with how technology actually works or how people are doing most of their consumption these days. All they have to do is look at the current numbers to see what percentage of Americans are streaming.

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