There’s Magic in the Air

I’ve been practicing magic as a hobby for many years. I’ve become so good at it that people sometimes hire me for shows. A friend who lives near my Parc Esta condo wanted to have a magic show for his son, who was turning 7 years old, so he contacted me. I told him that I would be happy to perform for him and his son, and that it would be great if we had the show at the condo, because it I had some special tricks set up that would work best there.

The special tricks were ones that I had been working on for over a year. One involved making a person disappear and reappear outside of the condo door, while the other one involved a bit of levitation. These kinds of tricks are ones that you usually see people perform on a big stage in front of lots of people. I figured that everyone at the party would get quite the shock out of seeing the trick performed. My friend had everything else related to the party planned. He purchased all of the refreshments and decorations, and ordered a special cake with a custom decoration for his son.

On the day of the party, I made my grand introduction by performing a trick that made the kids laugh. They were shocked to see my tricks and couldn’t figure out how they were done. I had the birthday boy participate in my levitation trick, and his father participated in the disappearing trick. The kids loved it so much that they wanted to have me perform at their birthday parties. The great thing about performing is that no matter how many times you do the trick, people can never figure it out, and they always want to see it happen again.

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