Watch Television Your Way Not Programmed

For five years I have had satellite television, and as many people know every time a slight rain comes the satellite picture goes out. You would think they would be able to fix this issue. Surely I am not the only one who experiences this issue. The first time this happened to us we were watching a very important sporting event, one we had paid for. My wife and I were so upset and had decided to quit the satellite, but they were so happy to inform us we had a 3 year contract. is who we turned to when our contract was ending. Our satellite company tried to get us to stay by offering us deals and things, but my wife was pretty mad when they would not refund us the money of the pay per view fight we were unable to watch due to their weather issues. I had friend over for the fight and the party went downhill pretty quickly when the fight everyone came to watch was no longer available. Who knew there was a actual clause in the pay per view that if the service is interrupted by nature they didn’t have to refund your money. Well I vowed that was the last 100$ of my money they would see for any special event. I had seen online where companies were selling cable boxes that not only gave you cable channels but they also were specific to regions and your personal preferences. This was intriguing to me and my wife. If we could get rid of satellite and have a good cable system, then we were all in. Thanks to your store we found exactly what we wanted. The prices were very reasonable too. There were a lot of things I didn’t know even existed. We are so happy to be free of Satellite.

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