We Needed a Good Family Counselor

When I proposed to my girlfriend, I knew that we were going to have some issues with our kids. I have three children, and she has three as well. We each have custody of our kids, so it was going to be a modern day Brady Bunch. We thought the kids would get used to one another, but the fighting continued to get even worse. I finally had enough and told all of them that we were going to get some family counseling in Frisco. I had no idea what else to do, but this turned out to be the best thing for all of us.

I had no idea which counselor to use, so I went online to get some information about the different counselors in the area. I definitely wanted a professional, but I also knew that not all professionals are created equal. This was my family we are talking about, and I wanted this to be a successful therapy session for all of us. I read some reviews about different counselors in the area, and I was impressed with one in particular. It really helped being able to read people’s reviews of how this professional helped them in different aspects of their lives.

I was able to get an appointment pretty fast, and I really appreciated the fact that the first appointment was just for my wife and myself. The counselor wanted to make sure that we were on the same page about all six kids, which we were and still are. Neither one of us were wearing blinders, knowing that it was the fault of all of them. Her kids did not want me replacing their dad, and my kids did not think they needed a mother figure in their lives. Through many counseling sessions, we were able to get past the issues and become a real family. We truly are there for one another now!

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