We Switched from Cable to Satellite

I wanted to drop my cable and get satellite after a friend of mine told me how pleased he was with doing the same thing. He had the same cable company that I had before I made the change too. He had done a search for maryland direct tv after we got a notice from our cable company alerting us to a price increase. While it was the first one in three years, it was a steep increase. That alone made me upset, because I knew that their prices had not increased that much.

One day turned into the next pretty quickly though, and before I knew it, six months had passed. I was grumbling about the high prices I was still paying when my friend suggested that I switch over to Direct TV too. He told me that he was paying less money each month, and he was getting more channels as well. He also told me that the equipment is different, and that I would be able to record more than two shows at the same time. For me, that is huge. My wife and I have different tastes in some programs, so there are times where we want to record more than two things.

Even beyond saving money, that is what made me look into it for us too. The more I read about the Genie that only Direct TV has, the more I knew that I wanted it for myself. I had looked at the same website as my friend, and I was impressed. I also liked the fact that I would be able to get movie channels free for three months. I planned on recording a lot of movies that I had been wanting to see, then I could watch them when my wife was working out of town. Since switching, my wife and I are both a lot happier with our downtime now.

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