We Wasted Time Trying to Handle Things by Ourselves

The people over at Massive Infinity helped us create an online presence that exceeded the expectations that my husband and I had for our website. You see, we tried to make our own website and it looked like a flop. I have done som graphic work in the past, so I figured I could make up a few things easily. My husband is a bit more technical minded than I am, so he decided to learn how to do the actual coding of the site. But it wasn’t that easy for either one of us to handle. We needed the ability to focus on our company, not mess around with a website. But when you incorrectly assume that spending money doesn’t need to happen, you get what you pay for. And in our case, the job we thought we were doing for free ended up wasting more time and money on the business side.

We spent about two months playing around with ideas and then creating a site. I made a few examples, and my husband liked none of what I made. To be honest, I didn’t much like the graphics I made either. We had spent hours talking about what we wanted our site to look like. This was beyond the many hours that we spent looking at other sites in order to get ideas. Then, I spent hours trying to create what I thought would be good. My husband was struggling with the code. He even purchased an inexpensive program that helps you to create websites, and he still struggled.

When we realized that we were wasting time, we decided to get help. We simply could not afford to throw more money away while we spent time on experimenting. Within just week, a team of people created a website for us that looks professional and amazing. From now on, we will let them handle this portion of our business.

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