What is the Future of Cars and Drivers?

I have really started to become interested in the future of the automobile industry. Things are really headed in directions which may not really be easy to predict in the long term. Of course right now one of the huge things is to save weight, for example the Ford F 150 pick up truck has adopted aluminum manufacturing to save weight. This is not just for fuel economy, because a truck is designed to carry cargo and pull trailers. If you save a hundred pounds on a truck that means that the truck is going to be able to carry an additional hundred pounds in the cargo bed. Obviously Ford wants to save more weight than that and they want to produce a truck which is a lot more capable than the competing models. Chevy claims that the bed is more susceptible to damage, which it is, but of course every person I know who uses their truck for that sort of thing gets a bed liner. It is only sensible, since any truck bed is going to get the devil beat out of it over time.

The interesting thing to me is in the idea that perhaps it is not that far off until you have a society where people are not taught to drive when they get to be sixteen years old. That is supposedly because people are not going to own cars in the future. There will obviously be self driving cars and the idea is that any time you need to go some place a car will show up and pick you up and take you there. The thinking goes like this, no one needs a car of their own and that means you do not need insurance for a car. If you just had a car take you any place you needed to go, then that should cost a lot less.

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